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LJH students meet the challenge for GT week

It was Gifted & Talented (GT) week, April 4-8, and Lincoln Junior High found a fun way to challenge advanced learners. The students were tasked with creating original board games complete with playing pieces, written instructions, and multiple questions incorporated into the mix to be able to win the games.
"ACE (Accelerated Curriculum Enrichment) classes at LJH worked on creating board games the last two weeks," said LJH Counselor Aimie Patrick. "The assignment was to create a game that explained a particular career cluster the students were interested in. They had to make up rules for their board games and include at least 40 questions."
The deadline to complete the project was this week, in time for everyone to try each other's games out on Wednesday, April 6. It was an engaging lesson that all of the students enjoyed.
"They did an amazing job with the questions and the game boards were very creative," said Patrick. "I was stumped more than once!"