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  •      I am Mrs. Sczech, the math interventionist for Lincoln Junior High School. If you are wondering what R.T.I. stands for, it is an abbreviation for the Response To Intervention program. We have intervention services for math as well as reading. For students needing additional math support, I provide intervention services to help them achieve their goals. When students need a brief time of support, then their math teachers will also provide intervention assistance as needed.

         There are three Tiers in the Response To Intervention (R.T.I.) program. Tier 1 occurs during the regular class time, where students will receive assistance in small groups. If a student needs additional help, they may be referred to the Tier 2 stage. This is where they will receive assistance in an enrichment class that is currently on their schedule or with their math or reading teacher during an elective time two days out of each week for four weeks. If the student is still needing additional assistance, then they will attend a Tier 3 level session with me. We will identify the skill that is still not developed to other skills needed for them to progress. 

         All of our interventions for this R.T.I. program occur during school hours when students are used to focusing on their learning. Families will be notified by letter if their child is needing this service. This program has made a great improvement for those who attended last year. The best thing about it is that it doesn't require any additional time at school, plus it targets your student's needs in the specific subject area. 

         We have already begun the program, and I look forward to serving our students as needed. If you need to reach me, please call (936) 653-1166 or email me at msczech@cocisd.org.  I hope your student has an enjoyable and successful school year!




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