Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Tiffany Merillat

Hi! This is my first year teaching public education, and I am super excited to be at COHS. 

I attended Sam Houston State University from 2016-2023. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (with a minor in General Business) in May 2021 and my Master of Science in Mathematics in May 2023. I produced original work in Factorization Theory for my research project during grad school. I also maintained a Graduate Assistantship while earning my Master's degree. During the last two years of my undergraduate degree and the first year of my graduate degree, I worked on campus as an "Embedded Tutor". This was essentially "student teaching" as I had to attend a professors lecture, take notes over the lesson, and then held office hours for the students of that class to attend (which was similar to having tutorials). During my last year in grad school, I was given my own Pre-Calculus class to teach without any professor supervision. I learned a lot of teaching techniques through this position, and gained experience teaching to a variety of mathematical backgrounds. I quickly learned that my favorite portion of this class to teach was the basic Algebra techniques which students seemed to struggle the most in. I strongly believe that Algebra 1 is one of the most important mathematics classes that there is, as it is the basis of all advanced levels of mathematics. 

My grandparents have lived in Coldspring for over 30 years, and I essentially grew up here. When my grandparents started to get into their old age, my husband and I decided to move onto their property to help take care of them. It seemed like fate to have an Algebra 1 teacher position available as soon as I was about to graduate college and look for a job, so here I am!

I am excited to teach your children/grandchildren/student my favorite subject, and my hope is that they understand math more than they ever have before after leaving my classroom each day!