Math Support for Progressing Students to Mastery

What Students Should master PK-Kinder

  • Parents can help at home by understanding what skills and concepts need to be mastered in order to build a strong math foundation.  Find ideas of things that can be done at home to help build a skill.  You do not need special manipulatives you can make them with what you have at home.  Count at home and ask questions of more and less!  Count using symbols and help students understand more and less!  How many spoons are there in the pot?  Which pot has more spoons?  Which pot has less spoons?  Can you put three spoons in the pot?  Make it a fun game!

Progression for Adding and Subtracting Starts in Kindergarten

Progression of Fractions Starts in First Grade

Progression of Multiplication Starts in 2nd Grade

Progression for Division Starts in Third Grade

Eureka Math - Family Support

Activity Links - Ideas to Support Math at Home