English Second Language(ESL) Information

    • ESL Program Goal:

      The goal of the COCISD ESL program is to ensure educational equity by assisting Emergent Bilingual students in the acquisition of the English Language. Improving student's skills in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening through differentiated small group instruction and immersion in the English language and culture. All while supporting a continued pride in their native culture and advancement in their native language. COCISD teachers will use sheltered instruction in math, science, social studies and their electives to ensure they are successful in both language development (ELPS) and the TEKS of each class.

      Types of ESL Programs Provided:

      James Street Elementary provides Content Based ESL.  There is an ESL Certified teacher(s) available for each grade level. 

      Each of the other campuses in the district provide Pull-Out ESL services provided by our ELA teachers who are required to be ESL Certified, or be seeking ESL certication upon being hired.  Other core subject instruction will provide sheltered instructional strategies to promote learning of both the TEKS of the course as well as the ELPS needed for English language acquisition.

      See The ESL Parent Newsletter Below For Information On Staying Involved In Your Student's Education.


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