Welcome to the Transportation Department

  • Photo of a school bus driver and a bus

    Hop on the bus and ride with us!

  • COCISD provides transportation that allows students to enjoy safe, comfortable accommodations to and from school, sporting events and field trips throughout the year. Our transportation department consists of mechanics, drivers and other dedicated personnel who take pride in their work and work hard to ensure students, faculty and staff are provided with the best maintained fleet of buses and other district vehicles possible. With over 400 square miles in the district to cover, COCISD bus drivers understand the importance of timely schedules, safety and friendliness*

  • *Transportation is a privilege, not a right. While riding the bus, all students are required to to maintain behavioral standards established in the COCISD Student Code of Conduct and the School Bus Rider Handbook. Failure to comply with these standards will result in disciplinary actions in accordance with the COCISD Student Code of Conduct Discipline Management Chart, and may result in losing the privilege of school district-provided transportation.