Great accomplishments begin with great expectations!

  • First Bell: 7:40 a.m.

    Tardy Bell: 7:45 a.m.

    In order to provide our teachers additional time to plan engaging lessons and participate in job embedded professional development, we have adjusted our schedule. Below you will find the updated Specials and Lunch times. This new schedule will begin on Monday September 23, 2019. Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to provide the best education for our students. 

  • Specials

    PK- 11:35-12:30

    Kindergarten- 8:00-8:55

    1st- 9:00-9:55

    2nd- 10:00-10:55

    3rd- 12:35- 1:30

    4th- 1:35-2:30

    5th- 2:35-3:30

  • Lunch

    Pk 10:20-10:50

    Kinder 11:00-11:30

    1st 11:40-12:10

    2nd 12:20-12:50

    3rd 10:30-11:00

    4th 11:50-12:20

    5th 11:10-11:40


  • JSE/CIS Mission Statement:

    The mission of JSE/CIS is to contribute to the growth of our students, school, and community. Our staff is trained and prepared to implement research-based strategies to provide our students with the skills necessary to be socially, emotionally, and academically prepared for the future.