COCISD Board of Trustees Public Comment Request Guidelines & Online Form

  • The Coldspring-Oakhurst Consolidated ISD Board of Trustees welcomes input, ideas and suggestions from the public. During the school year, the Board holds regular meetings at 6:30 p.m. every fourth Monday of the month at the Jones Educational Complex auditorium, located at 125 FM 1514, Coldspring, TX 77331, unless otherwise posted. Summer meetings in June and July are held at 5:30 p.m. in the COCISD administration building located at 14210 TX-150, Coldspring, TX 77331, unless otherwise posted. All Board agendas and special-called meetings are posted in advance on the district website at > School Board > Board Agendas.

    H.B. 2840 requires that the Board must allow every person who wishes to address the Board on a current board agenda item to do so either before or during the board's consideration of the item. The following administrative regulations are intended to govern and implement the provisions of HB 2840, being Texas Government Code Section 551.007, until such time as the Board receives further guidance and amends its Policy BED(LOCAL).

    As the administrative regulation governing compliance with the law, until policy amendment can occur, the following regulations will apply:

    • Opportunities for public comment on agenda items only will be required for every Board meeting, not just regular meetings, but including specially called meetings and board workshops.
    • The board will no longer receive public comments concerning subject matters not posted on the agenda for the given meeting where the member of the public desires to speak.
    • The board will no longer require the designation of a spokesperson for delegations of persons who desire to speak on the same topic.
    • Public comments about an agenda item will be received before the Board's consideration of that agenda item.
    • Public comment per speaker time limits will be three (3) minutes per speaker and will be strictly enforced by the Board of Trustees.
    • Citizens who desire to address the Board at a meeting on a particular agenda item on the agenda for that meeting are required to sign up at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start time of the meeting in order to address the board. The sign-up may be accomplished online at the school district's website, or in person at the school district administration office during regular business hours.
    • No member of the public who has followed reasonable sign-up rules and who wishes to speak about an agenda item will be turned away as there is no cap on the number of speakers or the total time allotted for public comment at any meeting of the Board of Trustees.
    • If, on a given issue, the Board finds that it is overwhelmed by the number of persons wishing to address the Board, the Board will seek legal advice as to alternatives available to the Board of Trustees. One of these alternatives may be to adjourn the board meeting to be continued at another time or date.

    Online Public Comment Request Form