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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S.E. Kinesiology East Texas Baptist University

Kerry Bryan

Physical Education Philosophy:

Physical Education is an important part of the total educational program.  Students participate in physical activities that allow them to develop an understanding of the physical abilities of themselves and others.  Students become aware of the social benefits of physical activity through participation.  The mental and emotional benefits of physical activity become evident when an active role in physical activity is encouraged.
The total development of students is the goal of the educational system.  Physical Education is a vital part in reaching this goal.  A variety of activities are incorporated into the physical education program.  Activities vary from creative movement to lifetime sports.  The age level of the individuals is a factor determining what activity is to be provided, but the outcome at any level should be the same.

Class Expectations:

  • Be in the gym on time before the tardy bell rings.
  • Students are expected to participate during the entire class period.
  • Students must exhibit a positive attitude and behavior every day.
    • Respect for teacher(s), substitute teachers, classmates, and self is required.
    • Students will be introduced to new games and skills.  Everyone is on different levels.  Bullying, humiliation, abuse and harassment will NOT be tolerated!
    • Students must show good character and act appropriately at all times. If students have to leave class for behavior, or are assigned ISS, they will be required to complete a writing assignment.
  • Students are expected to be in appropriate clothing every class period.
  • No food, snacks, gum or drinks, with the exception of water, will be permitted 

Physical Education Units: 

  • Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Floor Hockey, Tennis, Softball, Strength Training, Endurance Training and various other games and activities.
  • Students will also participate in the Fitness Gram Test once each grading period.

Locker Rooms:

  • No food or drink is permitted in the locker rooms.
  • Locker rooms are used strictly for changing into appropriate athletic attire and going to the bathroom. 


  • All grades will be based on participation, proper attire, fitness assignments and skills assessments. 

Google Classroom Codes:

  • 1st Period:6yuolsn
  • 2nd Period: 2biolyn
  • 3rd Period: mxkrxjl
  • 4th Period: a7uw35u
  • 7th Period: inkezmo

Classroom Schedule:

  • 1st Period: PE
  • 2nd Period: PE
  • 3rd Period: PE
  • 4th Period: PE
  • 5th Period: ABU
  • 6th Period: Conference
  • 7th Period: PE
  • 8th Period: HS Boys Athletics