Diane Allen

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Bachelor of Arts History Certifications: History Business Compter Information Ssystems Special Education

Diane Allen

Ms. Diane Allen

2019-2020 Classroom Procedures & Classroom Management

Fundamental Core Subjects and Life Skills



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E-mail: dallen@cocisd.org

COHS#: 936-653-1140

Conference: 2nd Period (8:39 – 9:29)


Hello!  Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Coldspring/Oakhurst High School.  I am Ms. Allen, and I am a Special Education Teacher at COHS.  This is my 11th year teaching in COCISD.  I have been blessed to be teaching in Life Skills this year. I am truly looking forward to our year.  My job can most effectively be broken down into 4 areas:


1-Math Fundamentals

2-English Fundamentals

3-Science Fundamentals

4-History/Geography/Government Fundamentals

5-Life Skills



I tell you my responsibilities not for you to feel sorry for me, rather that I have many more responsibilities than just the Math Fundamentals and English Fundamentals Classes covered in this syllabus and will get back to you as soon as possible when you have questions and concerns.


Course Description:

My Math Class is a Basic Math Class (more commonly referred to as Resource Math) and it is this subject that this syllabus covers.  Typically, your child is placed in a Basic Math Class because he/she requires modification to the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills), has a Math IEP (Individualized Education Plan), and takes the STAAR-A (Accommodated) State Assessment.  I have briefly looked at your child’s area of qualification for special education (for example a learning disability that qualifies in basic math, etc).  The Basic Math Class is a smaller, individualized class based on student ability and disability.  Your child's IEP is the driving force regarding what I teach on a daily basis.  Each student is exposed to all the TEKS.  I do not provide a calendar of assignments on my webpage because the class is individualized and driven by IEPs not, TEKS.


Year at a Glance

The focus for the Basic Math class will be: Inferencing, STAAR specific vocabulary, relationships in and between sets of numbers, proportional relationships, recognizing equal parts of a whole, finding solutions to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems, and solving problems using operations to name a few. Basic Money Math will include how to balance a simple budget, recognizing good decisions related to income and expenses and to distinguish between wants and needs.


Classroom Management:

Discipline has never been an issue in any class I have taught, no matter the subject area.  Having said that, I do not hesitate to call home if I have a concern regarding your child’s behavior or a circumstance I know you would want to be made aware of. When I have an issue with your child, I will come to you just as if you have an issue with me I need you to come to me.  I can only be a successful teacher when you and I have established strong lines of communication.  Your child can only be a successful student when you and I have established strong lines of communication and it is understood that we are a team.  I feel so strongly that teacher/parent communication is vital to success that I am providing you my cell number for you-please do not share it with your child.  I accept only parent calls (no student calls) from 6:30 am to 7:00pm Monday-Friday.   Access to my phone during school hours is confined to my conference period and at lunch away from student eyes.  Due to this policy change, please leave a voice message and I will return your call.  Please do not call or text me on weekends because there is nothing I can do about any concerns over the weekend.  I in turn will only call you Monday-Friday.


Student Work:

Currently I write all the History IEPs for students at COHS. Due to this responsibility, I keep the work your child does in my class in order to accurately code or update their IEPs.  Keeping a portfolio of your child's work helps me when composing their new IEP due at Annual ARD time as well as supplying the diagnostician with accurate competencies.  If you would like copies of your child's work, please let me know and I will provide copies for you.  If you feel your child’s Math work is not indicative of what you expect or is not covering specific areas of weakness, please let me know.


Electronic Use Policy:

I am fully supportive of the High School’s new no cell phone policy, which means no cell phones visible from the hours of 7:00 am until 3:15 pm daily.  I will not be able to allow your child’s cell phone to be out in my classroom, even to charge.  Violation of cell phone procedures fall under the regular code of conduct.  If your child has a phone out in class, I have no choice but to take it up and turn it in to the assistant principal.  Once a phone is taken out in my class, it is referred to the Assistant Principal and is no longer something I am involved in.



Most Sincerely,



Diane Allen