COCISD Mobile App Coming Soon!

  • We have contracted with Blackboard to provide an integrated communications package that includes the following:
    Websites (district and all four campuses)
    Mass Communications (call-outs, texts and emails)
    Teacher-to-Home Communications
    Mobile App
    The website has already been launched and we have begun the process of integrating the mass communications/teacher communications piece.
    The mobile app has been assigned as a priority, so we will focus on its implementation to go live as soon as possible. When it goes live, parents/staff/community members will be able to go to Google Play or the Apple App Store to download the app for free. Here are some of the features of the mobile app:
    On-demand access to student and school information through smartphones and tablets that includes:
    • School and district news, calendars, staff directories and more
    • Important notifications like critical alerts, school closures, and early releases
    • Easy access for parents to class pages, assignments and grades for their students
    • Lunch menus and balances, athletics schedules, social media, and more
    Parents will also have the ability to customize their experience by choosing the campuses, calendars and events they want to view and receive notifications on.
    The information on the app comes directly from the website, so as information goes up on the site, it is disseminated directly to phones for more efficient delivery.
    We are coordinating with staff, club sponsors, and coaches on getting information as quickly as possible to post. This is a work in progress, but we are making progress.
    Questions? Contact Communications Coordinator Cassie Gregory at 936-653-1138 or