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    Welcome to Pre-K!! We are hard at work building a strong academic foundation. Through fun, play-based activities, students are given the tools they need to become successful kindergarten students. All lessons are vertically aligned to help them make a seamless transition to a kindergarten classroom. 
    There are numerous ways that you can help your child stay on level with their class. At home, they can practice writing their name, recognizing the letters in their name, counting rotely to thirty or beyond, counting a variety of objects, and recognizing written numbers. As your child's first teacher, we know that their continued learning is very important to you. We are here to help with any concerns or worries that you might have. Thank you for allowing us to be in this partnership with you. 
    Fine motor activities to consider are; picking up pennies using only the thumb & pointer finger, using a spray bottle, using stress balls to squeeze, cutting thick paper/card stock, using tongs or tweezers to pick up & move small objects, & using an eyedropper to put water in small ice cube trays. 
    The following is a list of great educational websites for Pre-K students;
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