Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten!




    Welcome to an Amazing New School Year!! We are so happy that you have chosen COCISD for your child's academic foundation! Let the educational journey begin!! This year Pre-K will join the rest of the JSE campus in using Eureek 2 for math and Amplify for Language Arts. We are super excited to see where these resources lead our younger learners! .   
    Fine motor activities to consider are; picking up pennies using only the thumb & pointer finger, using a spray bottle, using stress balls to squeeze, cutting thick paper/card stock, using tongs or tweezers to pick up & move small objects, & using an eyedropper to put water in small ice cube trays. 
    The following is a list of great educational websites for Pre-K students;
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    Monday & Thursday from 8 am- 8:55 am
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