Smart Snacks & Fundraisers Regulations


Smart Snacks


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Smart Snacks in School standards put in place practical, evidence based nutrition standards for snack and beverages sold in vending machines, school stores, snack carts, a la carte lines, and in school fundraising. All COCISD a la carte and snack items sold in our cafeterias meet Federal Smart Snack regulations. These regulations effect all foods and beverages sold to students on campus during the school day.


A school day is defined as midnight before to 30 minutes after the end of the instructional day 


  • Snack items (chips, frozen desserts, cookies, etc.)  are limited to less than 200 calories and 230 mg of sodium
  • A la carte entrees that are limited to 350 calories and 480 mg of sodium per serving
  • Limits on amount of sugar, total fat, saturated fat, and no trans fat
  • Beverages at elementary and junior high schools are limited to water, milk, and 100% juice only with specific allowed portion sizes
  • High school beverages will be limited to water, milk, 100% juice and low calorie varieties with specific allowed portion sizes


To check if a food or beverage item meets the new Smart Snacks in Schools Standards, the Smart Snacks Calculator can be found at Smart Snacks Alliance Product Calculator.


Fundraising Regulations


Many organizations hold fundraising activities throughout the year. The USDA has established regulations on foods and beverages sold on campus.  No school fundraiser activities are exempt from the Smart Snack regulations. Fundraising efforts are required to meet the standards which apply to all foods sold or served anywhere on campus. The standards are outlined here in the A Guide to Smart Snacks in School.  Please contact The Child Nutrition Department if you plan on selling any food or beverage on any campus.  We are happy to help you understand the guidelines as we know how important fundraising is to your organization, class, or club. Please seek approval through you campus Principal before planning fundraising activities involving food or beverages.