Coldspring Intermediate Home-School Compact

  • The faculty and staff of Coldspring Intermediate School believes the success of our students requires full commitment from all stakeholders. With the involvement of school personnel, students, families and community members, we believe our students will grow academically and emotionally. 

    Student Involvement:

    The students of COCISD have a responsibility to cultivate excellence in their academic and civic pursuits by:

    • Attending school every day and putting forth their best effort to master and demonstrate new skills.
    • Arriving to class promptly and prepared.
    • Practicing self-discipline in all situations.
    • Engaging in extracurricular activities offered at the campus level.
    • Being respectful of others and their property.
    • Refraining from making profane, insulting, threatening, or inflammatory remarks.
    • Cooperating with all reasonable directives issued by school personnel.
    • Taking responsibility for making choices and accepting consequences for inappropriate behaviors.
    • Following all district rules in the Student Code of Conduct for the campus and transportation department.

    Parent Involvement:

    We encourage parents to participate in the success of their students by committing to the following:

    • Providing the necessities of life including emotional support, supervision, encouragement, and positive communication with your student concerning their learning.
    • Practicing social and emotional skills to help your student build positive relationships and resolve conflicts.
    • Encouraging your student to attend school daily.
    • Communicating with your child’s teacher or campus administration if necessary.
    • Reviewing the Student Code of Conduct with your child.
    • Registering for Parent Portal so that you can monitor the progress of your child.

    School Personnel Participation:

    Educators of COCISD are required to build positive relationships, practice research-based strategies to help students grow academically and socially, and encourage parents to participate in the education each student by:

    • Showing respect to students and parents
    • Taking time to learn about their students interests
    • Communicating promptly with parents or guardians about concerns or progress
    • Participating in professional development activities to help students grow
    • Providing a safe environment for students to learn and grow
    • Working collaboratively with students, parents, and district officials to solve problems at the classroom level
    • Communicating grading policies at the beginning of the school year
    • Following state laws as well as district policies and regulations
    • Abiding by the Code of Ethics that was approved by the Texas Education Agency
    • Following the expectations and regulations established by the school and district as stated in the Teacher Handbook.