• Chemistry Syllabus



    Rachelyn Smith

    Room #:








    Tuesday & Thursday  After School Until 4:00 p.m.


    Course Description:

    Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, how and why substances combine or separate to form other substances, and how substances interact with energy.  This is a rigorous and mathematical course that will require homework and study.


    Six Weeks Schedule: 


    1st Six Weeks:  Laboratory Management, Matter, Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

    2nd Six Weeks:  Chemical Bonding, Chemical Formulas

    3rd Six Weeks:  Mole Concept, Chemical Equations and Reactions

    4th Six Weeks:  Stoichiometry, Gases

    5th Six Weeks:  Solutions, Acids, Bases, and Reactions, Thermochemistry

    6th Six Weeks:  Thermochemistry (continued), Nuclear Chemistry, Chemistry Connections



    Classroom Expectations:   

    1. Follow COHS Rules
    2. Be respectful
    3. Be responsible
    4. Be prepared
    5. Be safe




    Classroom Procedures: 


    1.      Bell to Bell-   Unless otherwise stated by me, you will remain seated and in my classroom from the tardy bell to the end of class.  Class begins when the bell rings and you should be working at that time. Class is dismissed when I dismiss you, not when the bell rings.


    1.      At the Bell-  Class has begun and you should be in your seat working on the warm-up.  This is not the appropriate time to talk to friends, ask to use the bathroom, or sharpen pencils.
    2.      During Instruction & Independent Practice-  When I’m talking, that is “my time.”  You are to remain seated and quiet unless called upon.
    3.      Activities/Labs-  This is “your time.”  When working in groups, you may collaborate and talk about the assignment during this time. Please do not use lab time to talk about other things.
    4.      Last few Minutes-  You are expected to participate in any wrap-up discussion and, when applicable, clean up lab stations or complete & turn in an exit ticket before leaving.


    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Teacher/Student private conversation
    3. Parent contact
    4. Written Discipline Referral


    Class Materials:  These are to be brought to class daily.


    1. Three ring binder with dividers (reference material, current packet, past packets)
    2. Pencil, Pens (blue or black)
    3. Other lab items will be announced


    Grading Policy:

    Tests = 70%                  Daily/Quiz = 30%


    Daily assignments turned in after the due date may earn a high grade of 70 IF the assignment has not been graded and returned to other students.  If turned in after the assignment has been handed back to other students, the highest grade earned is a 50.


    After the unit test, all missing assignments in the grade book for that unit will be awarded the following:

    -         If the test grade is above 50, the missing grade will become a 50.

    -         If the test grade is below 50, the missing grade will become the same grade as the test.


    Students who are absent will have two days per day of excused absence to make up any missed work for full credit.  If a student misses the day of a test or quiz, they are expected to take it upon their return to school. 


    Safety and The Laboratory:

    Students are required to follow all laboratory safety rules.  Each student is required to pass a safety quiz before he/she is allow to participate in a lab.  In addition, students must read and sign the safety contract as well as have a parent sign the contract.


    Parent Communication:

    The best way to contact the teacher is email, or by phone.  Parents are encouraged to check the student’s progress and individual assignment grades in the on-line parent portal.


    About the Teacher:  Mrs. Rachelyn Smith   rsmith@cocisd.org          

    I graduated from Hardin-Simmons University.
    I have been teaching for almost 14 years. 
    I am a Texan, but have lived and taught in many different states.
    I started teaching Science in a Science and Math Magnet School in Houston Independent School District. I married a wonderful husband and we began a family.  We have been married 39 years. I have two children, and three beautiful grandbabies. When my children were small I was a stay-at-home mom and volunteer. I returned to teaching. I have taught face to face and also online.  My husband and I moved to San Jacinto County last year and are enjoying living in such a beautiful place. I am looking forward to the educational gains our students will make this year.


    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Please read over the Chemistry syllabus, making special note of the contact information.   If you have any questions regarding the rules or procedures for chemistry please feel free to contact me any time at  rsmith@cocisd.org or call the front office and leave me a message. 


    Thank you in advance for your support of your student in Chemistry.


    Rachelyn Smith