Spelling Words and High Frequency Words

  • There will be three choices presented for each spelling word.  Your child will have to circle the correct one.  There will also be two cold words called out that your student will have to spell on their own. The cold words follow the spelling pattern that we are learning that week.The purpose of the cold words is to help students learn the spelling patterns rather than strictly memorizing the words on the list.


    A pretest will be given on Thursdays.  If your child misspells one of the cold words (#9 or #10) the correct answer will not be written in for them to study. As mentioned above, this is to encourage students to learn the spelling pattern, not memorize words. 


    If your child makes a 100 on their pretest, they will not be required to take the test on Friday.  Any student that is absent on Thursday will take their test on Friday for their final grade (there will be no make-ups for missed pretests). Your child's final grade will be the highest of the two test scores.