COCISD Employee Handbook and Social Media Guidelines & Procedures

  • The COCISD Employee Handbook is updated every year to include current employee information on the District's policies, procedures, and benefits. This is where you will find everything you need to know on employee procedures including dress code, expected professional conduct, absences, benefits, etc.

    If you have questions or need more information, please contact our Human Resources Coordinator Candy Yeager at or 936-653-1102. For payroll questions, contact Payroll Coordinator Kim Jeter at or 936-653-1113.

COCISD Social Media Guidelines

  • COCISD supports the use of online social media to build and promote a positive relationship between district staff, students and their families, and the COCISD community. At this time, these tools include a district Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel, as well as a COCISD Athletics Facebook page administered by the Athletics department.

    The District social media accounts are managed by the COCISD Communications/ Public Relations Coordinator. Other social media accounts may be considered as needed in the future. Any employee who would like to create a COCISD-related social media page must complete the COCISD Social Media Request Form and submit it for approval.

    Although COCISD encourages the use of electronic media for communicating, employees must use caution and always exercise the utmost professionalism. The use of social media can easily blur the lines between professional and personal identities. In addition to the professional standards practiced each day during interactions with students in a face-to-face environment, there are also professional standards and expectations that must be upheld online. The guidelines below are intended to assist employees in using digital tools in a professional, safe, and responsible manner.

    For information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations regarding photos/video of students, click HERE.

Social Media Request Form

  • District presence on any social media site, including school-related accounts such as clubs, teams, field trips, courses, or other sites associated with COCISD or a COCISD campus must be approved by the campus principal or department supervisor and authorized by the superintendent or communications/PR coordinator.

    To request a COCISD-related social media site, complete the form below. You will be asked to identify a “content owner,” or individual(s) responsible for performing regular monitoring and maintenance of the site. Please note that for emergency purposes only, each COCISD-related social media site content owner must provide the site's sign-on and password information, and add a district administrator as a co-owner. However, the content owner shall be responsible for monitoring and maintaining these sites and accounts. If the content owner leaves the district, he/she must either transfer the site to another administrator or delete the site. Any changes must be sent via email to

    COCISD Social Media Request Form

    Questions? Contact Communications/PR Coordinator Cassie Gregory at 936-653-1138 or