COCISD Purchasing

  • Purchase Orders (POs)

    Requisitions must be submitted in Ascender, approved, and returned to the requestor as a purchase order (PO) before obligating the District for an expense. 

    For more detailed information regarding purchases, state and federal statutes and bid requirements, see the COCISD Business Office Procedures Manuel.

    Bid Laws

    State law requires that any good/service the district purchases within a 12-month period totaling $50,000 or more must be bid or purchased through a cooperative purchasing group. The procedures and bidding requirements vary depending on the total aggregate amount that the ENTIRE DISTRICT will spend on a particular item (account code) within any 12-month period.

    Cooperative Bids 

    COCISD is a member of numerous purchasing cooperatives. This eliminates the need to process our own formal bids from the list of numerous approved vendors since the purchasing cooperative has already done this. However, for purchases over $50,000 (accumulated), three quotes are required.

  • The Ordering Process

    A requisition is created in Ascender (our purchasing system) to request the purchasing department to initiate a PO. Approval of purchases MUST be made PRIOR to purchase by the issuance of a PO. Requisitions are processed