Fundamental 5 - Formula for Quality Instruction

Fundamental 5

  • Frame the Lesson:

    • Learning objective in student-friendly language
    • Look at the lesson and translate how you will talk to kids
    • Have a closing question or product with every lesson

    Work in the Power Zone:

    • Don’t teach from your desk or podium (60% of HS teachers do)
    • Proximity to students working is vital (70% goal)
    • Increases on-task behavior and retention
    • Posted is as important what we say. Arrange your room to allow movement.

    Frequent Small Group Purposeful Talk:

    • Every 10‐15 minutes stop & let kids discuss for 30 to 60 seconds
    • Still must be teacher-driven with 2‐4 students per group
    • Use natural transition points in your lesson
    • Pre-plan your questions or the questions will tend to be low-level type questions

    Recognize and Reinforce:

    • Personalize both with each student
    • Success & improvement needs recognition
    • Reinforce all good things & procedures

    Write Critically:

    • The least observable trait of the 5
    • Examples: Purposeful note-taking, summary paragraphs, class exit tickets, use as a warm-up to begin class
    • Writing creates retention for every level of student
    • Note-taking templates & how to use them