Request to Repeat a Grade or Course Level

  • 2021 School Year Options for Your Child

    Should your child repeat a Grade or Course?

    Given the disruptions of the 2020-2021 school year, the 87th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1697 (SB 1697), which gives parents new rights to make this decision for the upcoming school year. For students in grades 4 and above this option only exists for the 2021-22 school year, but for pre-k through grade 3 the option is permanent. The decision as to whether your child needs to repeat a grade or course in the upcoming school year is your decision to make as a parent.

    • For children in grades 1-8:
      • Repeating may be right for your child if he/she struggled to learn while remaining virtual most of the year
    • For students who took high school courses:
      • Repeating one or more courses may be right for your child if he/she struggled in a foundational course (e.g. Algebra I or computer science) and is worried about being successful in higher-level courses

    For more in-depth information visit the TEA website by clicking HERE.

    For information on repeating or restarting pre-kindergarten or kindergarten, see Restart Kindergarten. For more resources on how to prepare your child for school in the fall, please visit TEA's parent hub.

    If you decide your student will repeat a grade/course, it is important to act quickly! 



    You must tell your school in writing before the start of the school year:

    • The first day of school for COCISD students is Monday, Aug. 23.
    • Make your request in writing. Use this Form to submit your request, or visit the campus office to submit your request in person. Hard copies of this form is available on each campus.
    If your school does not agree with your decision, they may bring together a committee to meet with you to talk about your decision. After you meet with the committee, you will make the final decision whether to your student will repeat a grade or course, and the school must honor your decision.
    Ask your school what additional supports such as tutoring and after school or out-of-school academic opportunities will be available to your student.