Student Instructions for Online/Remote Learning at Home

  • How to sign in to Google and Clever

    • Sign in to your Google account with your school email address
      • School email address: first initial + last name + student ID # +
      • If you don’t know or remember your password, email
    • Go to: Clever Sign In
      • Click: Log into Clever with Google

    You should now be in the Clever student portal

    • Click into the Teacher Page for each subject
      • Click the blue Asynchronous Attendance icon for the required daily attendance form to get credit for your class
      • Click the blue Announcements banner at the top of the page for messages from the teacher
      • If the link to your teacher’s Google Classroom is in the announcements message, click it
      • Click JOIN
      • Otherwise, click the green Google Classroom icon

    Now you are in your Google Classroom

    • Click your teacher’s icon
    • Scroll down the page to read messages from your teacher – everyone in the class can see this page
    • Click Classwork at the top of the page to get to your assignments
    • Be sure to click Turn In after you have finished an assignment

    Questions? Email Missy Eichman at


  • This is what the sign-in page looks like:

    clever log-in