Synchronous Learner Daily Guide

    1. Login to your Google Account - (
      1. For assistance notify child's teacher or email 
    2. Go to the Clever Sign In - Click to Log in with Google button  - there should be a clever tab or app.
      1. For assistance notify child’s teacher or email
    3. Once inside the Clever Student Portal, you will click into the Teacher Page for each subject.
    4. Inside each Teacher Page you will find Announcements at the top with a link to join your teacher’s Google Classroom. 
    5. To find your required daily assignments you will always log into Clever and click the Google Classroom App(Green Tile).
    6. Inside Google Classroom, choose your teacher’s class. Click the Classwork tab to find assignments. Read instructions carefully.  Make sure after completing an assignment to click Turn In.
    7. For your regularly scheduled Zoom Meetings your teacher will have the link posted for you in Google Classroom or will send you a Remind message or email.  Click the link at the meeting time to join.  If you have trouble with your Zoom link.  Notify your teacher with an email or send a private message via Remind or Google Classroom, so that you will have documentation of checking in for the class at the correct time.

    Coldspring-Oakhurst High School Synchronous Learners:

    Log in and follow the High School bell schedule here: COHS BELL SCHEDULE.  

    Lincoln Junior High Synchronous Learners ONLY: 

    In an effort for teachers to be able to focus on online learners, LJH students will log in and follow the schedule below for core classes. Assignments and tutorials for LJH electives will be posted in Google Classroom.

    Synchronous Schedule for LJH

    6th Grade

    7th Grade

    8th Grade

    Math   9:35-10:26 

    SS    7:45-8:36 

    Science  8:40-9:31

    ELA   11:25-12:15

    Math   8:40-9:31 

    SS   10:30-11:21

    Science 1:44-2:35

    Writing 10:30-11:21

    ELA  1:44-2:35

    SS   2:39-3:30 

    Science 12:49-1:40

    Math   2:39-3:30


    ELA   1:44-2:35