Instruction and Learning Choices

  • We heard you! Based on surveys and TEA guidelines, students will return to school with three options for learning this year:

    Option 1: On Campus (Face-to-Face) Students will be instructed in the classroom, with the required CDC safety precautions in place.

    Option 2: *Online Synchronous (At the same time as students in the classroom) Two-way, real-time/live virtual instruction between teachers in the classroom and students who are not on campus.

    Option 3: Online Asynchronous (Not at the same time as students in the classroom) Self-paced instruction that does not require having the instructor and student engaged at the same time as the face-to-face class, although the student is required to be engaged daily with work and the teacher is required to give daily feedback.

    *NOTE: TEA requires that students in Pre-K through 2nd grade may only participate in options 1 or 3.

    Students who opt for an online learning option are still eligible to participate in extracurricular/UIL/Athletics activities.

    Students without a completed Back to School 2020 form will be automatically enrolled in Option 1: On Campus instruction.

    Learning option choices will be in effect through an entire six-week grading period, and cannot be changed during the six weeks. Changes for the following six weeks must be submitted in writing to the campus principal no later than two weeks before the end of the current grading period.

    Review the learning options below to carefully decide which would be the best for your child.

    If COVID-19-related disruptions arise throughout the year, school buildings may be closed for intermittent periods of time. If a campus is closed to in-person instruction, students at the impacted school will transition to Online Asynchronous learning during the time of closure. It may also require that some holiday days are used to ensure COCISD meets minute requirements by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

On Campus/Face-to-Face

  • Students will attend school and follow the district calendar.

    • Normal daily instruction will occur for in-person core classrooms.
    • Commonly touched objects will be disinfected routinely, and teachers will attempt to minimize the amount of times students touch similar objects.
    • Equipment, books, supplies, or materials will be disinfected before recirculation as much as possible.
    • Clear routines for entering and exiting classrooms will be established to reduce number of students entering and leaving at a given time.
    • Elective classes such as art, physical education, band, and career and technical (CTE) classes will make the following adjustments to their classroom routines:
      • These classes might be held in their regular classroom, or move to larger spaces within the building or outdoor when weather permits to provide better physical distancing if their current classroom is too small.
      • Recess and Specials for elementary students will be arranged for single classes to go to the playground at staggered times.
    • Physical arrangements and school routines will be established so that physical distancing will be maintained in all settings to the extent possible.
    • Stable groups of students will be maintained as much as possible with school routines established to minimize the intermingling of different student groups.
    • Large group gatherings will be limited, and routines will be staggered so that smaller groups can rotate through school day activities.
    • In the event public health management requires program changes, staff members and resources may be repurposed, and program delivery may be restructured to provide essential instruction to students. 


  • Students attend school five days a week at home in a remote/virtual learning environment. Students must have a device for their online learning, and internet access that supports streaming. Devices will be available for checkout, and WiFi hotspot locations will be available.

    COCISD Online/Virtual learning is fundamentally different in design from the COCISD Learn-at-Home experience students had at the end of the 2019-20 school year. Parents/caregivers are expected to be engaged with their children's education, but are not expected to serve as their children's primary teacher of the academic curriculum.

    A designated daily schedule for online instruction will be provided to all COCISD Online students that they will be expected to follow. Attendance will be taken for all students every day. Students must attend 90% of the time to receive credit for the class.

    Secondary students (grades 9-12) will have access to Career & Technical Education (CTE) and dual credit coursework through MCISD Online as appropriate. Some courses may require on-campus activities throughout the semester.


    • Students will be required to log in at the beginning of each class period for attendance.
    • Learning will take place with the on-campus class, with interaction with the teacher.
    • Classes will take place during the normal school day, 7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    • Assignments will be given using Google Classroom.


    • Self-paced learning.
    • Students will be required to log in and be engaged in learning a certain number of hours per school day.
      • Grades Pre-K through 5: Three hours daily.
      • Grades 6 through 12: Four hours daily.
    • Student engagement is measured daily and attendance is assigned based on the student's completion of that days' engagement measure. Students who do not complete the daily measure of engagement are counted absent for the day.
  • Questions? Email Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction Vikki Curry at